Will Nandini Reddy Go That Reach for Publicity

It is understood that Nandini Reddy, whose latest trip was “Oh Baby!” is up for the Netflix series, Will Nandini Reddy Go That Reach for Publicity

Lust Stories in Telugu version and that too to recreate the various spoken about, Kiara Advani’s story where she masturbates with the help of a vibrator in front of the whole family.

This was one picture that kept the Lust Stories trending then and made a lot of fame to Kiara though the line was surely an average one.

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Will Nandini Reddy Go That Reach for Publicity Now that they are making this in Telugu, the remake can be a good copy, or they may want to make some modifications to suit the Telugu audience. But it is interesting to see if they will repeat the new scene that brought a lot of fame to Kiara in the original.

And it is Amala Paul to do Kiara’s performance in the Telugu series under Nandini’s direction. Knowing how important the scene adds up to the whole set from a publicity point of view and having a bold performer like Amala Paul,

They mustn’t lose the highlight scene for Telugu too. But will Nandini be able to go that extent for the publicity? We have to see it.



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