When do you work out

When’s the right time to hit the gym? The answer depends on various factors — body type, lifestyle, work hours. Someone working a night shift may find it challenging to work out in the morning. Similarly, a person who feels exhausted after a day’s work may not be able to exercise in the evening. I would, however, recommend morning workouts, preferably before the sun is directly overhead.

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The body’s metabolism works better in the morning as opposed to the evening or at night. One of the benefits: your post-workout meal will be better digested.

Energy levels are higher in the morning as opposed to late evening or at night, when you may feel exhausted or burnt out after the day’s work.

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Morning workouts are also better because they don’t disturb your sleep cycle. The body may find it challenging to relax into sleep soon after being inactive mode during an evening workout! Working out in the morning helps you get a good night’s sleep. You can exercise, go about your day’s activities, and feel proper exhaustion just in time for bed.


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