WhatsApp running on self-destructing messages

WhatsApp could become more enjoyable with a new feature it is currently running on. ‘Disappearing Messages’ as the name implies self-destructing messages in chats. This feature now examined in the alpha stage of WhatsApp for Android.

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WhatsApp running on self-destructing messages feature lets users have a time interval of either 5 seconds of 1 hour. Messages will self destruct after the chosen time has passed. Also, this feature is currently available in group chats only. There’s a lot buzz WhatsApp’s likely to introduce the feature, but its been quite time.

WhatsApp running on self-destructing messages, Here’s a list of apps which previously provide self-destructing messages.


It’s no surprise that Telegram offers self-destructing messages pending the app’s reputation of being very secure and private. This feature is available under ‘Secret Chats’ where users can send not only leaving messages but photos, videos and even files.


Another popular private messaging app is Signal. In this app, users can take many disappearing message intervals for several chats on the app. Signal also gives a timer icon below the disappearing message for both the sender and receiver.


On Wickr messages, photos, videos, audio and video files disappear next short time. Wickr’s auto-destruct feature comes with 2-options, expiration and burn-on-read. Expiration will self-destruct messages behind it sent. As for burn-on-read, messages will self-destruct after the receiver has read it.


Bleep’s disappearing messages feature is accessible through ‘whisper’ mode. Use this feature. Messages will self-destruct 25 seconds after the recipient reads it. Bleep also lets users begin chatting on the app without having to build an account.


Snapchat is the OG app for self-destructing messages. There is no benefit to choose self-destructing words on Snapchat as the app doesn’t keep any history of chats. Snapchat automatically deletes ‘Snaps’ after the recipient has read it. As for unopened Snaps, they disappear 30-days after it has sent.


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