WhatsApp Has Amazing New Features For iPhone Users

WhatsApp is on an update roll-out celebration. Be it WhatsApp for Android, the beta analysis versions of WhatsApp Has Amazing New Features For iPhone Users,

The Facebook-owned social network is continuing new features to what is arguably the most famous instant messaging app in the world. The latest update of WhatsApp for the Apple iPhone now attaches a bunch of new features. WhatsApp is currently on version 2.19.100 for the iPhone and is presently available for download on the App Store.

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WhatsApp for iOS now allows users to edit and send back media in the chats. User tap doodle icon viewing an image or video way the editing tools. The latest WhatsApp for iOS can also play voice messages directly from the notification prompts. For this, a user has too long press on the information that registers a new incoming voice message and then hit on performance. The WhatsApp for iOS version 2.19.100 presently also allows the Memoji to be sent as stickers within chats with friends, family, straight from the emoji manual in iOS 13. WhatsApp tells users can also change font styles in the camera by touching the “T” icon.WhatsApp Has Amazing New Features For iPhone Users

There is significant excitement about what WhatsApp intends to add in the next Android app at least these new features are being tested in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android. The new features that are tested include Dark Mode and Self Destructing Messages.


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