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01/7 Is coffee a healthy drink?

Weight loss: For some, coffee is just essential to kickstart the day; for some, it serves as an excellent fuel for driving intense workout sessions. That said, we all know that coffee might not be the healthiest drink we have in our kitchens, and it receives considerable flak from weight watchers, thinking that coffee contains nothing but empty calories.

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This applies especially to those following a low-carb diet, where the intake has to be minimally moderated. However, there is also a class of thought which believes that coffee can boost metabolism and help cut fat fast. So, the critical question remains- how many carbs does coffee contain?

02/7 The answer

Every healthy person gets their calories from carbohydrate sources in food, most specifically from sugar and starch content.

This being said, in your favourite cuppa, it’s not the caffeine in itself but what you add to the drink-the kind of milk, sugar or flavours which make it healthy or unhealthy for your waistline.

03/7 What you should know about the carb content in coffee

The caffeine content of a drink does not affect its carb content. Since common caffeine-based beverages can also be customized, it also adds to the carbs.

On average, if you choose to consume a drink like an espresso, you can rest assured about your carb intake is zero. However, if you like having a cappuccino or latte every day, it is going to have considerable carbs in it (15-24 carbs per drink.) Therefore, with some simple calculation, you can use coffee to your advantage and not worry about the waistline.

04/7 How to use coffee for weight loss

There is no denying that you can’t use coffee to lose weight a little faster. Coffee can be made keto-friendly or low-carb by making simple swaps or finding suitable alternatives. What you should be doing is choose the smarter carbs in your diet plan, which would efficiently speed up your weight loss.

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05/7 Is ghee coffee the ideal low-carb drink?

A lot of Keto dieters also choose to include a sweetened fat like ghee in their coffee, which takes care of the sugar, makes it a little nutritious and at the same time, does not impact the waistline. If you drink it right, coffee can act as a hunger suppressant and make you eat less.

06/7 Try adding cinnamon in your coffee

If you cannot do without coffee, try replacing the sugar with cinnamon. By using a spoonful or two of ground cinnamon, you can enjoy your drink calorie-free and guilt-free. Even the taste doesn’t feel much different since cinnamon has a natural sweetness to it.


Apart from compensating for the sugar, cinnamon is load with many other benefits which can help in weight loss, such as the active ingredients which fight weight gain and inflammation. It also induces the satiety hormone, curbing hunger pangs. Combined with the natural antioxidants present in caffeine, this can help burn fat cells easy, mobilize tissues into work, fight obesity and protect you from the damage done by free radicals in the body.

So, the next time you think of ditching coffee for not being carb-friendly, make the smarter choice!



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