Ways technology can help you lose weight instantaneously

Fitness trackers have become a much smarter, and in 2019, it is as easy as ever to track your everyday habits. There is a shortage of fitness wearables available & choosing the best one has grown more comfortable than ever. Ways technology can help you lose weight instantaneously. So with technology transforming beyond little calorie counting, how can we use it to improve ourselves?

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Here is how technology can help you make the body you desire.

Don’t stop moving

Fitness trackers can maintain track of your step count and calculate the distance travelled; which is essential if you are trying to stay active. Most fitness trackers allow you to set goals and see the progress you make to hit them. And if desired, you can opt-in for repeated updates throughout the day and encourage you to do more. So, fitness trackers can be your motivational tool to help you get in shape.

Eat correctly

Keeping a watchful eye of what you consume is the first step you need to take to get the body you want. And probably the best way to make sure you’re sticking to your plan of healthy food on the go is a blender. There are devices from Nutribullet that are extremely useful as they double-up as an easy-to-carry juice bottle.

Also, there are a lot of fitness devices available that allow you to scan food barcodes, either through a dedicated app, such as the ones provided with the Fitbit models or by linking you to a third-party app such as MyFitnessPal which sends calorie data across.

Monitor workouts

Many smartwatches or wearables keep a log of calories burnt by various types of exercises. The list is extensive, and it includes activities such as swimming, cycling, running and even weight lifting. To keep track of your workouts, you may want to look at products such as the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Active or the Gear Fit 2 as they can record a wide range of activities. Even Garmin’s Fenix 5 is a good option as it features a database of over 25 varied workouts, including, mountain biking, swimming in open water, even parachute jumping. It also does the usual task of keeping track of steps, distances and calories.

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Record your weight

Repeatedly checking your pressure can seldom be counter rich; however, when weight loss happens, you will see how much of an impact constant exercise has on your body.

Smart bathroom scales are the way to go as these tools monitor muscle mass, BMI and send all that information straight to your smartphone. This allows you to monitor your weight loss and at the same time keep track of activities, meals, calorie information and more all in a single place.


There are a lot of fitness wearables in the market that rack sleep and having a good night’s rest is as imperative to weight loss as maintaining a healthy diet. These fitness trackers offer information on your sleep patterns throughout the night and also provide tips on how to improve it. Ways technology can help you lose weight instantaneously.


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