Virat bhaiya is a silent killer- Yuzvendra Chahal
Virat bhaiya is a silent killer- Yuzvendra Chahal

Virat bhaiya is a silent killer : Indian leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes across as a pretty jovial type who loves to play games in the changing room. However, the leg-spinner spilt the pills other players keep everyone digits in the dressing room with their characteristics.

“These days we play dumb charades. I credit my seniors that they don’t permit you to consider as an outsider, and you can speak to anyone at any time.

Mahi Bhai whenever we play PUBG collectively or speak, it doesn’t feel like we are speaking to MAHI BHAI. He is a real-prankster, and so is Rohit bhaiya,” Chahal told Newsage.

“Virat bhaiya is a silent killer. He intervenes in other pranks and makes his own thing as he recognises no one will reply.

We always accept to songs, Virat bhaiya, Shikhar bhaiya play Punjabi songs all the time,” he further added.

He also talked about Virat Kohli and told that the captain had changed fitness in Indian cricket and

that all the players look up to him as far as his dedication towards the game is involved.

“A perfect model (of Virat’s commitment) as he converted vegan. His lifestyle and according to the gym even after 7-8 hours of shooting.

Even if we get 30% of such conditions, we will become so much better,” the leggie-added.

Chahal, who was not a member of India’s T20I team for the series next South Africa and West Indies, found support in Ganguly.

The former Indian captain thinks Kohli should enter the wrist-spinner as he is an attacking right in the most concise format.

“This is a good team, but Virat wants to bring back the wrist spinners into this format,” Ganguly wrote in his comment for Times of India.

“I hope Chahal has only been rested to allow others, or else he is a must for India in the T20 format.


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