Vikram Lander has been located by the orbiter

Vikram Lander has been located by the orbiter: The Isro or Indian Space Research Organisation, is making all possible efforts to establish communication with Vikram lander. 

that has been lying on the moon for three days now; the space agency tweeted on Tuesday.

“The orbiter of #Chandrayaan2 has located VikramLander, but no communication with it yet,” the official Isro handle tweeted on Tuesday. It said the agency was making all possible efforts to establish communication with the lander.

The space agency has 11 more days to keep trying. The mission life of the lander is 14 days that is equivalent to one lunar day.

Vikram Lander has been located by the orbiter, Vikram lander, named after the father of India’s space programme Vikram Sarabhai, was scheduled to soft-land on the lunar surface, past midnight on Friday.

The Vikram lander had followed the planned descent trajectory from its orbit of 35 km to just below 2 km above the surface. By then, Chandrayaan-2 had covered 380,000 km.

But communication with the lander snapped just 2.1 km short of the lunar surface. It is believed that the lander may have travelled at a faster pace than planned and had a hard-landing.

The last mile has always been considered the most tricky part of the mission. Isro chief K Sivan had described the final moments, when Vikram would touch down on the moon’s surface, as the terrifying part of the task.

Isro hasn’t formally commented on the state of the lander.

But news agency Press Trust of India had yesterday quoted a scientist at the space agency to say that the lander was in one piece but was lying in a tilted position. This angle, the scientist suggested, had made it difficult to re-establish contact with Vikram lander.

Without any information, even if the lander and the rover, Pragyan, are entire, they will not be able to dispatch any scientific data back to Earth.

Isro says the mission had already achieved 90-95% of its objectives and would contribute to lunar science.


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