Priyanka Chopra's Personal Views Do Not Reflect UNICEF

UNICEF On Priyanka: According to media statements, Stephane Dujarric, the spokesperson for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a conference that the UNICEF representatives could not be recalled from having a personal opinion.

However, when they speak on behalf of UNICEF, they have to adhere to UNICEF’s evidence-based, equal positions, he stated.

“When UNICEF ambassadors talk in their capacity, they retain the right to speak about problems that interest or concern them.” During daily guidance on Thursday, he was questioned about his take on issues encompassing Priyanka Chopra’s tweets.

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“Their personal views or actions do not necessarily reflect those of UNICEF. But when they speak on behalf of the UNICEF, we expect them to adhere to UNICEF’s evidence-based, impartial positions,” he added.

Actor Priyanka Chopra was closed earlier by Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari and Pakistani actor Armeena Khan for a tweet.

which they required to be ‘supporting war’.

They wrote to UNICEF, asking the actor’s move as an ambassador.

When a Pakistani girl questioned Priyanka about the same during a meeting in Los Angeles, she replied, that she did not mean to hurt anyone but was only thinking patriotic. The actor also added that she was not seeing forward to war.

Priyanka Chopra had first put out a tweet that read Jai Hind.

#IndianArmedForces after the Indian Army’s alleged surgical strikes on Pakistani’s terror compounds during the Pulwama attacks.

Prominently, Priyanka’s father was a doctor with the armed forces.


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