U Mumba ease past Haryana

U Mumba ease past Haryana, U Mumba gave an all-round performance to trick Haryana Steelers 46-38 in the 2nd eliminator match

Pro Kabaddi League-2019 at the EKA Arena by TansStadia in Ahmedabad on Monday Oct14.

Raiders Abhishek Singh (16 points) Arjun Deshwal (15 points) moved for the Season Two champions

who beat Haryana in all areas to book a semi-final date against Bengal Warriors.

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A tightly contested 1st half saw both teams exchange blows in the initial minutes. Arjun Deshwal, recovering from damage, looked back to be in his most excellent shape,

as he pulled up crucial raid times for the Mumbai team while at the other party Haryana’s raiding band of Vikas Kandola,

Prashanth Kumar Rai, Vinay picked up multi-point raids.

Twelve min into the match, the scores were par at 10-10. But in Arjun Deshwal, Abhishek Singh, Mumbai had original raiders who hit points with minimum risks,

that finally said as they picked up an All-Out in the final minute of the share. The All Out and the brief period of power meant Mumbai lead 22-15 moving into half-time.

U Mumba surely looked like they were experiencing their kabaddi on the cover and the unit, with the aid of young Arjun Deshwal who pulled up a Super-10,

quickly secured another All Out in the 5th minute of the second half to open up an 11-point lead.

Abhishek Singh pulled his Super ten post the All-Out, but U Mumba’s relaxed approach in the defence allowed Haryana to initiate a comeback.

Vinay and Vikas Kandola, who pulled his Super 10, impressed as the Steelers held an All-Out in the 13th minute of the share to defeat Mumbai’s point to 8 points.

Haryana extended to the press, but U Mumba’s guerrillas moved up their play to take the game-out of Steelers’ reach. Fazel Atrachali defended his team well in the final minutes to clinch a semi-final berth.U Mumba ease past Haryana

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