tupaki ramudu movie review

tupaki ramudu movie review

Release date: October 25, 2019

Starring: Bithiri Sathi and Priya

Director: T Prabhakar

Producers: Rasamayi Balakrishnan

Music: T Prabhakar

Comedian, Bittiri Sathi has become the hero for the first time with a film named Tupaki Ramudu which has run the screens now. Let’s see whence it is.


Tupaki Ramudu(Satthi) is an orphan who regularly helps his villagers irrespective of him suffering insults. Recognizing his good nature, the villagers make his marriage. But sadly, the girl places a position that she will only marry Ramudi if he gets trained in life. Started with no choice, Ramudu approaches Anita(Priya) to help him in his education. In this method, they fall in love with each other. What will Satthi do now? What will happen to his other marriage offer? Whom will Satthi marry? That sets the rest of the story.

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Plus Points:

Bittiri makes a confident debut as an actor. He dances, fights, and does well in all the emotional scenes. He also mouths the Telangana slang with ease and carries the film on his shoulders.

Yet another highlight of the film is heroine Priya who did an excellent job in her role. She has the right screen presence and did well in her crucial character. The actors who did the role of Satthi’s friends also did an impressive job. The message showcased in the film is also Good.

Minus Points:

The primary point of the film is also quite silly. There is no seriousness in the plot, and the first half is filled with scenes that have no seriousness at all. Upon this, forced comedy irritates the audience.

Certain scenes created to showcase Satthi in a comic role are bad and have written disappointingly. There was an excellent scope to elevate the content with the heroine’s character, but he failed to do it. Many unnecessary scenes kill the mood of the viewers and make things tedious.

Technical Aspects:

The production values of the film are good. Editing is terrible and does not have any seriousness. Lyrics are decent, and so was the whole production design. The camerawork was fair, and the music was just about okay. Coming to the director Prabhakar, he has done a pathetic job with the film. His narration lack seriousness as he makes a mess of the storyline.tupaki ramudu movie review is Bellow Average.

tupaki ramudu rating

123telugu.com Rating : 2/5

MYFirstshow Rating: 1.75/5

timesofindia.indiatimes Rating: 1.5/5


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