Trump Just Disclose US Surveillance Secrets With His Latest Photo Tweet on Iran

Trump Just Disclose U.S. Surveillance: The black-and-white photo displayed the fire-blasted launch site at a space centre in north Iran, including a broken gantry service tower and a downed mobile erector launcher.

Trump, in his tweet, cited the specific area of the site, telling the United States was not included in the

Trump Just Disclose U.S. Surveillance Secrets With His Latest Photo Tweet

“catastrophic accident during last launch arrangements for the Safir SLV Launch at Semnan Launch Site One in Iran.”

Talking to reporters at the White House later on Friday, Trump held his posting of the photo and repeated that the United States had zero to do with the event. “We had a photo. I published it, which I have the perfect right to do,” Trump said.

He told the Iranians “were going to set off a big missile and it didn’t work out too well. Had zero to do with us.”

The rocket blasted on its launch pad on Thursday, an Iranian leader said. A U.S. judge also said Iran experienced a satellite launch failure. “I wish Iran best-wishes and good luck in discovering what happened at Site One,” Trump said in his tweet.

Patrick Eddington, a former CIA satellite imagery critic, said the photo tweeted by Trump.

It is looked to be a full image taken by a U.S. spy spacecraft if the president tweeted out a picture from a detailed briefing that uses our most-advanced overhead collection capabilities.

it is no difficulty welcome news to our opponents said Eddington, now a study fellow at the CATO Institute.

“While he has the power to declassify any central document, Twitter is not a legal or responsible way to do so.”

A U.S. defence executive told CNBC that the film, which seemed to be a snapshot of a real copy of the satellite image, was involved in an intelligence briefing on Friday.

The Pentagon did not have any direct comment.

The United States has threatened Iran against spacecraft launches.
Fearful the technology used to put spacecraft into orbit could allow Tehran to improve the ballistic rocket capacity needed to launch nuclear warheads.

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Tehran denies the U.S. administration that such activity is a cover for ballistic missile improvement.

The Trump government has ratcheted up financial pressure on Iran.

This year with economic sentences to attempt to force it to renegotiate a settlement reached with world powers in 2015, limiting its atomic plans. Trump removed the US from the deal in May last year.

Trump has tried to hold discussions with Iran, but Tehran says first it need to get relief from U.S. sanctions.



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