Tour guide experts classical dance

Tamil Nadu Tour guide experts classical dance“Amazing,” “gifted,” and “excellent,” are some among many qualifiers that tweeple used while talking on a video that is now winning people’s hearts. The video includes a tour guide from Tamil Nadu and his unique way of explaining Indian culture to tourists.

The video, shared by IAS officer-Priyanka Shukla on Twitter, shows a man happily performing moves of a classical dance class. While doing different “mudras” or conditions, he also describes the applications to the spectators, who seem to be foreigners.

Priyanka Shukla, while sharing the video, wrote that the name of the man is Prabhoo and he is a historical tour guide in Tamil Nadu. “So skilled he is!! Just look at his feelings…truly amazing!!” she further added. Tour guide experts classical dance

People-showered all sorts of comments on the post. Most people couldn’t stop admiring the man’s unique way. Though from the “mudras” it seems that the man is speaking and performing Kathakali dance, it’s not approved.

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