Toddler cooks Nasi Goreng

Toddler cooks Nasi Goreng, Today is the day of cute videos on Twitter.

The latest one that we got across shows us the pure love between a brother and a sister, and it will leave a smile on your face.

Toddler cooks Nasi Goreng,The video that we are speaking about was shared by Twitter Followers Fess. The video tells the love of an elder brother for his sister. In the now-viral clip, a very young boy can be seen preparing Indonesian Nasi Goreng or fried rice for his younger sister, who is seen relaxing next to the pan.

The boy 1st puts eggs into the big black pan takes spatula his sister holding mix the eggs up. He then brings vegetables, provides his sister with a piece of the chopped vegetables and eats one himself ere putting them in the pan.

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As his hungry sister looks at the pan, he adds rice and mixes the contents in it thoroughly. He then finally adds herbs and flavourings to the fried rice for that magic touch (Sanjeev Kapoor, anyone?). Do not miss the accuracy with which the little boy mixes up all the contents in the pan.

But the greatest part is still to come. He then flows the fried rice into 2-bowls and feeds his little sister with his hands. Twitter too is in appreciation with the video.


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