TikTok's Salman Khan has a separate fan base. Seen his viral videos yet?

TikTok is one app that took society by storm. Overnight the app had millions of Fans creating entertaining and relatable content. The app also transferred away to ordinary people to become massive stars.

The celebrities of TikTok have millions of fans, looking forward to their videos all day, every day. The star look-alikes are a big hit on the Chinese video-sharing app. From gazeebo ka Ranveer Singh to far Ajay Devgn and Kajol, all those stars have a separate fan base on the app.

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We newly found a clone of TikTok’s Salman on the app. And no we are not just telling it, the similarity between the TikTok’s Salman Khan and the original Bhai is incredible. A Twitter user, Ali Gul Khan, newly shared a TikTok video of Sushant Khanna and support yourselves, he looks and talks and walks correctly like Bhai.


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