Trying to cut inconvenience, say Kashmir officials amid tight security for Eid

tight protection for Eid, Curfew was re-imposed in Srinagar on the eve of Eid, even as state police stressed the condition was peaceful in the state that has been in lockdown since the Modi government decided to revoke Article 370, which allowed special status to the nation. Eid, the most significant festival for the Valley, is a calm affair this time, with markets in Srinagar & other parts of the Valley stopping closed.

People celebrate Eid-ul-Azha in Jammu as restrictions eased in some parts.

The bakeries in Srinagar, which would go out of stock on Arfa (a day before Eid), have been helpless to sell even 10% of what they used to.

The purchase of clothes and gifts did not begin even a week before Eid. People barely managed to operate their way past the barricades manned by paramilitary troops to buy some bakery products and other essentials.

tight protection for Eid, Kashmir is under a clampdown, with paramilitary bands fanning across the Valley and Section 144 (containing the assembly of 4 or more people in public) required. All telephone communication and internet services have been closed.

Current this week, limitations were raised to allow people to offer Friday prayers in local mosques, officials announced as security teams were put on high alert across the Valley in an apparent move to counter possible protests. People were reportedly left to visit mosques in their localities without staying asked any questions by security personnel.


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