Found Its Lost Vikram Lander

reason why Chandrayaan-2 is discontinued : Chandrayaan-2 caused a technical glitch during the sensational record picking during the exciting minute of nerves. The signal stopped for about a minute before it reached the surface of the moon. The landing on Jabilli was stopped as there were no signals from Vikram Lander.

reason why Chandrayaan-2 is discontinued

The problem began when the distance between Jabilli and Vikram Lander was 2.1 km. The landing process began at 1:38 pm, just before midnight. Isro announced that it would evaluate the reasons. Prime Minister Modi also watched the experiment himself. The Prime Minister advised not to be disappointed until the test was over. He said that the country would be a support for scientists.

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Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s statement on the Chandrayaan 2 Mission.

reason why Chandrayaan-2 is discontinued



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