The third Victim Succumbs to Mosquito-Borne EEE in Connecticut

the third Victim Succumbs to Mosquito-Borne: After being infected by the mosquito-borne virus Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) spreading through the Northeast, a third Connecticut resident has fallen, and another is fighting for their life.

CBS New York reported that according to Connecticut health officials, an East Haddam resident died of EEE in late Sep. That Victim was reportedly within 60 and 69 years old and had only become infected a week earlier.

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Eastern Equine Encephalitis is a rare and severe illness transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite and had already killed at least nine people in the U.S. in 2019.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) adds that on an avg, just seven people get EEE in the U.S. each year. More than 2- dozen have been infected in 2019, including multiple cases in New Jersey and Connecticut.

“Sadly, this has been an odd year for EEE activity in Connecticut,” stated Dr Matthew Cartter of the state’s Department of Public Health.

“Ere this year, we have had an only 1-human case of EEE in Connecticut, and this was in 2013.”

The different patient yet fighting EEE is stated to be a Colchester resident within 40 and 49 years-old. That patient was reportedly affected in late August and even hospitalized.third Victim Succumbs to Mosquito-Borne,

The CDC states that a third of patients affected with EEE fall from the brain infecting virus, and there is no human-vaccine against the virus.

“We have had 4-human cases of EEE, three of which were fatal. All four we most likely show to infected mosquitoes someday within Aug 11, 2019, and Sep 8, 2019, which was the top period of mosquito movement in Connecticut” Dr Cartter explained.

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EEE is a rare and severe illness transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite and had already killed at least 9-people in the States in 2019.

The CDC adds, on average, just 7-people contract EEE in the U.S. each year. More than 2-dozen have been infected in 2019. The brain-infecting virus has recently been detected in multiple areas of New York as well.


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