The lone Shiv Sena MP in the Narendra Modi Cabinet

New Delhi: The lone Shiv Sena MP in the Narendra Modi Cabinet, Arvind Sawant, on Monday said he would quit as a union minister, 

paving the way for his party to explore the support of Sharad Pawar’s NCP and the Congress and form the party in Maharashtra.

The lone Shiv Sena MP in the Narendra Modi Cabinet, The Shiv Sena’s departure from the BJP-led NDA at the Centre was a critical position put forward by the NCP on Sun to lend support to the Uddhav Thackeray_led party for gov form after the BJP refused to stake interest to power.

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Sawant, who was the massive enterprise’s minister, reiterated Sena’s stand that a 50-50 deal for the chief ministership had coincided with the BJP ere the Lok Sabha election, 

and said he would not need to stay in Delhi in such a “false environment”, which is why he is resigning.

The Sena, which is the 2nd-largest party in the 288 member House with 56 MLAs the BJP (105), has today till 7:30 PM on Nov 11, to stake the case, even as the NCP and the Congress consider their decisions on whether to support the party.

While the NCP’s state of Sena walking out of the NDA has met, the Congress will determine its stage at a gathering of its lawmakers with senior party managers in Jaipur.

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Sources had earlier stated that Sonia Gandhi was hesitant in supporting the Sena since it would go against the party’s secular ethos, the vast bulk of the party’s 44 MLAs have been urging the high demand to have the BJP out of power.

The role of the Congress (44 MLAs) the NCP (54 MLAs) which have 98 members collectively, is required for the Sena to form the gov with its 56 MLAs.

If the Sena votes to form a gov with the support of Opposition parties, the combined strength of all the 3-parties will go up to 154 in the House, nine free of the halfway mark of 145.



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