The contradictions of life

It said that there are no living friends or foes in the film industry or politics. The contradictions of life that couldn’t be more apt for modern anchor and actress Anasuya and Vijay Deverakonda, who had secured horns at the time of his last release, Arjun Reddy.

Anasuya had taken to Twitter to study the actor for his comments at the pre-release event of the film, calling him loose for making such comments when lakhs of fans were following him.

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Seems all that is a matter of the past as she is now working one of the leads in Meeku Matrame Chepta the actor’s 1st composition venture.

When questioned about his selection of actress for his film, Vijay says, “I am a kind fellow but longer than that, it’s the director’s choice. He asked me to cast her. The contradictions of life

Anyway, work is behind the personal drama. If I was delivering the film, I don’t know whether I would have liked her or not, but because I am not the director, it’s his choice.”

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However, the actor-turned-producer further clarifies, “I never visited the sets during the shoot. But I am thrilled that Anasuya accepted this role as she has done outstanding work in the movie.

I wish her all the best,” he replies magnanimously, joining that he never got included in any department of this movie. “I liked the story told by Shammer and really provided whatever he asked for,” he says.


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