Bizarre sea creature caught in Alaska. Video collects over a million views

A bizarre sea beast caught off the beach in Alaska has left many shocked and some feel creepy. A video of the creation, shared on Facebook, has received over a million views – and still adding.

“Crazy deep-sea creature!” says Facebook user Sarah Vasser-Alford, who posted the video on August-16. The video shows an orange creature driving its long curly tentacles.

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She moves on to say that the creature is called a Basket Star. These are a variety of echinoderm like starfish and are usually found on the ocean floor, describes New York Post. They use their legs to get their prey.

According to Mirror, Sarah, on with her mother and some friends, was halibut fishing when her mum took the Basket Star. They later put it back in the water safe.

The video has also received over 18,800 shares and almost 3,000 responses. People have posted all kinds of comments on the video.

The bizarre sea“Underwater spaghetti monster,” says a Facebook user. “Ewww. Saw that. Nope. No. Hell no,” says another. “The ocean is where this amazing creation belongs,” says another.

What do you think of this creature?


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