Teacher's newest trick

Teacher’s newest trick, Teachers have to make various feats to keep students from copying exams. Many people try to copy some tightening. But to escape such trouble, a teacher in Mexico chose a new method. Teacher’s newest trick is He placed cardboard boxes on the students’ heads to keep them from looking. All this, the teacher is thinking about the idea of ​​the teacher.

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All of the students have been sitting on top of the exams. Some big heads were giving a glimpse of those who were watching. School ownership says that doing so will not only end up copying but also increase the intellectual power of the students. Parents of students, however, fail to write the test on the heads. They are charging the immediate suspension of the teacher. The students are outraged that these actions are aimed at insulting students. Previously, a university student in Bangkok had similar exams. Teachers hang paper from their heads without cheating on the reviews.


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