And there we have it: The last Film trailer for a Star Wars film directing on the Skywalkers.

After 42years of Jedi returning, clones attacking and Force awakenings… the 3-pack of trilogies that is the “Skywalker saga” appears to an end this Dec with the release of “Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.” Disney will continue delivering Star Wars movies, of course, but the Skywalker Saga did.

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As with the few Star Wars movies, Rise of Skywalker’s final trailer released right in the centre of Monday Night Football. This occurs roughly six months after the first teaser landed back in April.

“Rise of Skywalker” is set to open on December 20th according to the billboards… which means it’s opening the evening December 19th in much of the U.S. due to midnight screenings timezone rules. If your goal is to see it as early as possible to avoid spoilers and whatnot, double-check when your theatre’s first screening is.

*Until the certain point down the road when another Skywalker trilogy announced because, well, people like the Skywalkers.


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