Significance Of World Mosquito Day Aug 20

World Mosquito Day is celebrated on 20 Aug every year to raise consciousness about the conditions given by mosquitoes and how to stop them. If we look at the WHO statement on mosquito-based deaths worldwide every year, it will cross 500 million.

Let’s know about the history of this day, types of mosquitoes, some opposition tips with unusual facts about mosquitoes.

As per the UNICEF report, encompassing 40% of the population worldwide stays at areas where the risk of malaria is higher. Tempest is considered as the breeding period for mosquitoes, and so, the number of people experiencing from mosquito-borne illnesses increases in the season every year.

History Of World Mosquito Day

British-doctor Ronald Ross found, History Of World Mosquito Day In 1987, a close connection between mosquitoes and the most dangerous disease of all time, called malaria. He discovered that female mosquitoes are the ones liable for the transmission of malaria parasites in humans through a bite

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To thank this groundbreaking analysis of Sir Ross and his team.

The London School of Hygiene, Tropical Medicine declared this day to be celebrated as ‘World Mosquito Day’ to raise knowledge by campaign or presentations on the causes and prevention from this fatal disease.

This day is also intended for fundraising so that more research can be taken out for its cure.

Facts About Mosquitoes

  • There are about 40 species of Anopheles mosquitoes which are useful for malaria in humans. Mosquitoes frequently bite at dawn or early morning.
  • Aedes aegypti, a classification of Aedes mosquito, can exist without water for more than a 1year.
  • One of the methods to prevent mosquito bite is to use insecticide-treated nets. They can also be limited by covering walls and other covers by remaining pesticides.
  • Female mosquitoes are the things that bite as they need blood for the egg product while male mosquitoes feed on wildflower nectars or sugar sources.


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