Shiv Sena will lead govt in Maharashtra

Shiv Sena will lead govt in Maharashtra: The firebrand Sena leader told his party’s relation with Maharashtra is permanent and not temporary.

Maharashtra’s next gov will be led by the Shiv Sena and the standard minimum programme (CMP) being pulled out along with the Congress and the NCP ahead of its development will be in the “state’s interest”, said party spokesperson Sanjay Raut on Friday.

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The Uddhav Thackeray led saffron party will lead the gov in Maharashtra for the next “25 years” and not only 5- years, claimed Raut while speaking to reporters here. The Rajya Sabha MP, who used 58 on Friday, was replying to questions on whether his party will give the chief minister’s post with the NCP & the Congress, its allies in the proposed three-party government. “

Talks are on with the Congress, the NCP to work out a regular minimum plan which will be in the case of the state and its people,” he replied.

“Whether it is a single-party state or an alliance, an agenda for governance is necessary. There are support projects to be taken forward, (and issues linked to) drought, unseasonal rains (are to be tackled). “Those coming with us are able administrators. We will benefit from their participation,” he stated. Regarding alliance with the Congress, Sena’s political rival till recently, Raut noted directors of the country’s oldest party have committed to freedom fighters as well as the community of Maharashtra.

Asked whether the Shiv Sena will share the CM’s post on rotational support in the next administration, Raut said, “We want to have the chief minister’s office for the next 25 years. The Shiv Sena will give leadership to the state no matter which works best to stop it.”

Shiv Sena will lead govt in Maharashtra: The firebrand Sena leader told his party’s relation with Maharashtra is permanent & not temporary. “Our party is working in the state’s government for 50 years,” he said.

Bal Thackeray founded the Shiv Sena in 1966. Asked if the Sena, post-tie up with the Congress-NCP, will give up its search for the Bharat Ratna for Hindutva ideologue-Veer Savarkar and accept Muslim reservation, Raut avoided a direct answer and told, “We know the source of such speculation.”

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To a query whether a power-sharing formula envisaging 14 portfolios each for the NCP & the shiv Sena and 12 for the Congress has been selected (as being speculated in media), he rejected to disclose details of the intended combination arrangement between the 3-parties. “You don’t worry about power-sharing. Uddhavji (Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray) is able of taking decisions,” said the politician-journalist, who is also the managing editor of Sena spokesman ‘Saamana’.

Asked how the Sena, a party known with Hindutva politics and “anti-Congress”, will adjust with a non- ideological partner like Congress, he said, “What is an ideology? We are going on a common minimum agenda for the state’s welfare. “Vajpayee (BJP stalwart and ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee) managed an alliance of parties who came collectively on a common least programme. In Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar became led a Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) gov (1978-80) of which the Jan Sangh, the BJP’s first avatar, was a part.”

“There have been cases earlier where parties of various ideologies have come together,” he replied, justifying Sena’s efforts to cobble up a ruling alliance with the Congress and the NCP, against whom the Sena fought the last month’s assembly polls. The Sena reached out to the Congress-NCP combine for government formation after the BJP; its pre-poll ally rejected its demand for sharing the chief minister’s post and equal distribution of portfolios.

The BJP and the Sena, which fought the October 21 polls in the alliance, secured a comfortable majority by winning 105 and 56 seats, respectively, in the 288-member assembly. The Congress and the NCP won 44 and 54 seats, respectively. President’s rule was required in the state on Tuesday after Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari sent a report to the Centre, stating that the formation of a stable government was impossible in the current situation.


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