seven bodies recovered from the Godavari

seven bodies recovered from the Godavari: Sudarshan and 11 members from his family are waiting at Rajahmundry in AP for the past 3-days. They are waiting to find the mortal remains of Ramyasri, a sub-engineer at TRANSCO from Warangal and Sudarshan’s daughter. Ramya Sri was among 77 people who were thrown into the Godavari river on Sep15 as their boat overturned. Though 38 bodies were collected, the remains of 13 people, including Ramyasri, were still missing.

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Thirty-seven days after the tragic boat accident, the sunken vessel named Royal Vasishta was extracting on Tuesday. Police have approved that seven dead bodies have been collected from the boat so far and Ramyasri’s family is expecting that she is one among those.

Four relatives went location boat extraction waiting for authorities to bring the boat to the covering. “Though it’s been more than a 1-month, our parents have not been ready to process the loss. We are hoping that viewing her one last time will provide them finish,” her brother said the local media.

seven bodies recovered from the Godavari

However, the delay is fixed to become higher as the means of identifying the remains will take time.

The bodies, which had lived in the water for more than 35 days, have become damaged and nearly impossible to identify, police said. “We have found seven bodies recovered from the Godavari Their strength is a child’s body, as well. The bodies highly damaged, and in some cases, we’ve only found the incomplete body. The only chance we have at knowing the bodies is to make a DNA test,”

East Godavari SP Adnan Nayeem Asmi stated, adding that some of the bodies have been found in parts.

On Sep 15, the boat had been carrying 77 people through the Papikondalu towards Bhadrachalam when it had capsized. While villagers rescued 26 tourists, the bodies of 38 others were recovered later by rescue teams. As numerous as 13 people were still missing, and their bodies were supposed to hold in the down boat.

Workers of Balaji Marines had continued working on restoring the boat from the water at Kachuluru in Devipatnam Mandal of East Godavari district. On Sun, 5-scuba athletes were reportedly asked by the firm to help them with the process. A dead body was found hovering near the location of the sunken boat on Sunday. However, policemen have stated that it is not yet clear whether the body belonged to one of the tools of the boat accident.

seven bodies recovered from the Godavari

The company had left in its first try to pull out the boat earlier this month. The operation was called off after 3-days due to heavy flow of water. As the floodwaters started to recede, the team of workers led by Dharmadi Satyam continued the work a week ago. The firm had been utilising the services of expert swimmers, boats, rafts, 1,500 metres of iron wire and hooks for the salvage operation.

The boat owner and operator arrested for operating the vessel despite a ban due to the floods. The state authority has ordered a magisterial inquiry into the incident and has also set up a select committee headed by Special Chief Secretary (Irrigation) to investigate the accident. The Principal Secretary of Tourism, Revenue Chief Secretary, Additional DG of Law & Order and Collector of East Godavari are the members on the committee.



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