Senior hero Rajasekhar left unhurt in a freak car accident

Senior hero Rajasekhar left unhurt in a freak car accident. The accident occurred when the tyre burst and his car hit a centre on the Golconda Outer Ring Road on the outskirts of Hyd. The vehicle flew in the air & did different some results ere it crashes landed.

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As per the tools reports, Rajasekhar was on his way homeward from Ramoji Film City. Rajasekhar didn’t sustain any significant injuries thanks to the airbag.

He reportedly left for home in another car after the accident.

The vehicle severely damaged in the crash. Senior hero Rajasekhar left unhurt in a freak car accident.

He reportedly hit the divider which pushed the car into the air. Rajasekhar is all single driving the car, and he escaped as the balloons have opened.

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He is said to covering a seat belt which saved him. The actor escaped with lesser injuries. He is reaching back from Ramoji Film City to his house.

This is not the 1st accident for Rajasekhar. Only a few of years ago, he crashed into a different car at PVNR Expressway. He escaped unhurt after then as healthy.

Rajasekhar is still to sign his next film. Rumours are that his proposed project with Pradeep Krishnamoorthy has to shelve.

Rajasekhar opens up about car accident.

Hero Rajasekhar has just issued a press note, declaring that he was not damaged in the car accident that got a place on the Golconda ORR last night. He explained that he was alone at the time of the crash and that he even notified the police soon after the incident.

“People coming in another vehicle now stopped and noticed me and pulled me out through my car’s shield. I took their phone and first told the police and then called my family. I then moved from the spot in my rescuers’ car, and Jeevitha picked me up on our way. I am fine and didn’t sustain any injuries,” Rajasekhar said in his press note.


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