Send snakes to Modiji Viral Video on Social Media

Send snakes to Modiji: It is not only the Pakistani political leaders that are going to take over India. After the cancellation of Article 370, there are attempts to provoke the film with peculiar comments. A video posted on Twitter by Pakistani singer Singer Rabbi Pirazada recently triggered criticism. She said that Prime Minister Modi would release poisonous snakes.

He made a video by holding the mountain leopard, crocodiles and poisonous snakes in his hand. He said he would Send snakes to Modiji, a gift to Modi. She later commented that she was ready to go to hell. It is now contentious to say that he has many poisonous snakes in his possession that would send them to him. Indian netizens are furious over the comments made by the country’s prime minister. its viral video on Social media.

She is replying to her comments with laughter. The video has now gone viral on social media.


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