Saturn Now Has AlMost Moons In Solar System: Saturn presently ranks as the highest in the Solar System, surpassing Jupiter’s position. Scientists have discovered 20 new Saturn Moons, taking the total to 82-Moons. The number of Moons is 3-more than Jupiter, but rather to secure Saturn the first place as the most powerful of them all. What’s more, you can help name the recently created Saturn Moons.

Saturn Has 20 New Moons The 20 new-Saturn Moons are little in size and weigh about three miles/5kms across. Seventeen of the Moons have decaying orbits – meaning they move around in the opposite way to Saturn’s rotation.

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The scientists found that these would take more than three Earth years to make one Saturn lap and are categorized as the

‘Norse group’ of Saturn moons and share the same basic orbital parameters.

Among the other three-Moons, one of them is ‘prograde’ meaning it rotates in the same way as the planet. This Moon has an orbital time of more than three-Earth years. The other two Moons complete one lap around Saturn about every two years & are categorized as ‘Inuit group’. The far-flung one is the most distant Saturn satellite known and may belong to the ‘Gallic group’.

Give A Name For Saturn’s New Moons The researchers state that each of the new satellite group further shows evidence of

An Impact that destroyed a giant moon that had been orbiting in that central vicinity long ago. However, the astronomers aren’t satisfied at the moment and need more pronouncements.

Further telling about the grouping of the new Saturn Moons, Scott S. Sheppard, a faculty member at the Carnegie-Institution for Science, Washington,

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DC said that this kind of “gathering of external Moons is also seen about Jupiter, showing violent collisions happened

between satellites in the Saturnian system or with external objects such as moving asteroids or comets.” Nevertheless, you can voice your choice of styles for the recently created Moons!

Saturn Now Has AlMost Moons In Solar System: Saturn’s New Moons: Discovery Team The process was led by Sheppard and his organization including-David Jewitt of UCLA, Jan Kleyna of the University of Hawaii. The development announced by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center (MPEC).

The Subaru Telescope observed the new Moons of Saturn at the Mauna Kea tower in Hawaii. “Using some of the highest telescopes in the world, we are now making the list of small moons about the giant planets.

They perform an essential role in helping us learn how our solar system’s planets developed and evolved,” Sheppard told in a statement after the discovery was made.


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