Sachin Tendulkar admits he had to beg and plead

Batting surpassing Sachin Tendulkar admits he had to beg and plead to start the innings for India in an ODI against New Zealand in 1994,

Recalling a critical turning point of his career. The switch from middle-order to starting the sessions established to be a masterstroke as Sachin Tendulkar ended with a world record 49 hundred in the 50-over format.

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Sharing a video on LinkedIn, Tendulkar recalled the moments leading up to that one-dayer on New Zealand at Auckland.

“In 1994, when I started preparing the batting for India, the strategy used by all sides was to save wickets. What I decided to do was slightly out of the box,” he replied.

“I thought I could go up front and take the action bowlers on. But I had to ask and plead to please provide me with a chance. If I fail, I won’t come after you again,” he added.

Using that movement as an example, the productive former batsman urged his fans to nevermore shy away from using risks because of the fear of defeat.

“In that first match (against New Zealand at Auckland), I got 82 off 49 balls, so I didn’t have to ask repeat if I would get another chance. They were keen for me to open. But what I’m trying to tell here is, don’t be afraid of failure,” the 46-year-old Tendulkar told.

While he may have finished with 49 ODI centuries, Tendulkar’s first ton in the form came after a long wait of five years. Sachin Tendulkar admits he had to beg and plead.

It was in September 1994 that he hit his first ODI century, against Australia in Colombo, having made the switch from the middle-order to starting the innings.

He posted scores of 82, 63, 40, 63 and 73 in his first five innings as a first batsman.

Tendulkar completed his ODI career with 18426 runs in 463 matches — the most by any in the history of the format.


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