Sahoo Movie Review

Saaho Movie Synopsis:  

Few members of a dreaded crime board finish off their lead to earn a huge sum using a mysterious black box. When the leader’s son creates a plan to take revenge on his father’s killers 2- cops to determine the large sum, which leads to a battle between cops and a few criminals. Read Bellow Saaho Movie Review.

Saaho Movie Review:

Billed as India’s most crucial action entertainer. Saaho is all about the fight among a few members of the world’s biggest crime syndicate, based out of Waaji city, about away from India.

Some of the over-ambitious and brutal men (and a woman) of the gang finish off Roy (Jackie Shroff), their leader, to obtain a secret black box through which they want to grow billionaires. 

Meanwhile, cops in India are after a quick thief (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who stole two lakh crore rupees. The team headed by Ashok (Prabhas) and Amrita (Shraddha Kapoor). After careful research, it’s revealed that there’s a link within the vast sum and Waaji city.

The addition of Vishwa (Arun Vijay), the son of Roy, does the plot more interesting as he sets out to get his father’s killer and the lost money in India.

A film made on such a massive scale with many actors needs a gripping screenplay and impressive characterisations, and that’s precisely what Saaho lacks. Are a necessary hero heroine, are way villains it becomes challenging to adjust character on screen. None of the enemies leaves a meaningful impact, and this results in a lack of emotional connect with the lead.

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Prabhas looks a little nervous as the investigative cop in the opening scenes, but changes as the character as the story proceeds and excels in the action scenes.

He, probably, is the single saving grace. Shraddha gives what’s offered to her and plays her part decently. The position of the songs is big let-down though they have shot carelessly.

The appearance of many skilled artistes does not help much. They all look distinctive on the screen, but the many characters are almost the same in their performances.

The film also tests our cases after a point due to its overlong duration. And it is mostly dubbed in Tamil, beginning to lip-sync issues.

The makers of Saaho reportedly used a bomb to film the action scenes, but that’s evident only in a few of them. A good number of shots made in VFX — while some of them are of top notch quality, there are some difficult shots which appear below par.

Saaho is an enthusiastic project which relies on technical aspects and its hero’s larger-than-life image, and not on its script.


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