S-400 missile defence system delivery
S-400 missile defence system delivery

S-400 missile defence system delivery: The timeframe for the number of S-400 missile defence systems by Russia to India continues on track with the end having made the 1st payment of $850 million for the big-ticket defence contract worth more than $5 billion, people close with developments spoke on the status of anonymity.

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The payment, amount to about 15% of the total deal, was made in September through a unique device worked out by the two-sides to avert drawing sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) of the US, the people mentioned above added.

The people refused to go into aspects of the mechanism, given the feeling of the problems associated.

Over the former few-months, India and Russia focused on alternative payment mechanisms to defeat the influence of potential US sanctions, including sales for a rupee-rouble device (in which payments made in rupees & roubles) or payments in euros for army hardware.

“There had been some attention to the delivery schedule for all the five systems delayed to 2025. But with the payment has made, the first system is expected to deliver in 16 to 18-months,” said one of the people mentioned in the 1st instance.

India and Russia had approved a deal worth an expected $5.4-billion for five S-400 systems through the annual summit of heads of the two countries in October last year. Russian officials said then that the 1st system was supposed to be delivered by 2020 and that all deliveries would complete in five years.

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S-400 missile defence system delivery: Washington has frequently urged New Delhi not to go forward with the S-400 deal or other properties of military hardware from Russia, which remains to account for about 60% of India’s military equipment. US officials have also revealed concern the S-400 could capture electronic signs of American-origin military facilities and aerial programs used by India and settle them.

However, following a conference with US manager of state Mike Pompeo in Oct, 

external affairs minister S Jaishankar covered India’s “sovereign right” to buy weapons and said the country wouldn’t be told by any state not to purchase military hardware of Russia. 

Indian officials have also told the land meets the standards for a rejection from US penalties on the S-400 deal & that New Delhi can’t “wish away” its long-standing support ties with Moscow.

The US has also urged Turkey to scrap a contract for S-400 systems, with President Donald Trump speaking after a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday that the acquisition of such sophisticated weapons “creates some severe difficulties for us”. The S-400 issue helped the US to remove Turkey from the F-35 joint strike plane programme.

In a recent letter to Erdogan, Trump predicted he would have to force sanctions on Turkey over the acquisition of the S-400 systems.

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When Roman Babushkin, the assistant chief of the Russian mission in New Delhi, was required during communication on Tuesday if Trump’s warning could have suggestions for India, he replied:

 “Turkey is a clear explanation that national businesses are more valuable than serving the interests of some different countries. This is the problem for India as well.”

In an apparent reference to efforts to win potential US sanctions, Babushkin added, “India needs the best air defence system and Russia will provide it. It depends on mutual interests, and we need to be safe from outside pressure. We are working with India on that.”


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