RRR release delayed

RRR release delayed and Rajamouli’s perfectionism has expedited the date of the film ahead Helmed by S.S. Rajamouli, Ram Charan and Jr NTR-starrer RRR may not release as exacted in 2020. Although the film’s shoot is underway, big breaks during filming mean that it may just hit the screens in 2021.

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“Rajamouli is a perfectionist and always runs through the cracks at the end of each day. If he seems not to like it, he will do a reshoot, but will nevermore compromise. In this movie too, he wants to reshoot amazing scenes, and there is a much left to do, so the movie may not release in 2020 as planned,” says a source.

RRR release delayed, The second female lead has also not yet confirmed, and both the lead actors took unscheduled luck to recover from their injuries. “With all these breaks, the director asked the producer not to talk about the release date till he comes to a suitable conclusion,” adds the source.


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