Royal Vasishta recovery operation from the Godavari : The operation to kachuluru boat extraction regains Royal Vasishta, the tourist boat that turned in the Godavari on September 15 in Devipatnam Mandal,

will resume on Monday morning, East Godavari Collector Muralidhar Reddy told on Sunday.

Royal Vasishta recovery operation from the Godavari “The operation, which started in September last, came to a standstill due to inclement weather and incessant rains. As such, no more bodies were retrieved. As the weather is favourable, Balaji Marines will restart the task on Monday,” Rampachodavaram ITDA Project Officer Nishant Kumar told. Meanwhile, family members of the disappeared persons from Telangana have asked the East Godavari Collector to declare death certificates so that the settlement amount could be required. As many as 23-persons, among the 75 onboard the tourist boat were from Telangana. kachuluru boat extraction

The collector told the death certificates were sent to the collectorates within the State on October 1. RDO Ch Sattibabu delivered over copies of the documents to the families.


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