Revolt RV-400 First Ride Review

Revolt RV 400 Review: The expectation is upon, and it is going to be exciting and etcetera. We all know that the future is exciting and you don’t need me to show you that again.

So much conflict people should so much to say about electric vehicles, there is one group that frankly, not a lot of characters knew about until reasonably lately.

It’s called Revolt Intellicorp, and their 1st product is the Revolt RV 400 Review which is an all-electric motorcycle.

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It’s got a lot of awareness around it and is India’s 1st production electric motorcycle. It makes a lot of words but is it a likely product to invest in right now? Well, we got a chance to turn a leg over it and find out.

The 1st thing that you will notice is the design of the motorcycle, and in that department, RV-400 makes a great job.

The area where you usually require to see an engine is covered up, which gives the bike quite a lot of bulk in terms of appearance.

that combined with the sim light gives it a bit of a street fighter look.

Adding to that is the high rising, well, fuel tank area which we will get to in a bit and the clearly rising tail makes it look sporty.

Amongst the 2, it is the red-colour option that stands out and has beautiful graphics on the shroud that dissolves to black. Interestingly, the name of the vehicle is placed down below, which is a nice feeling.

The 7-spoke alloy wheels blacked out and contrasted by the considerable belt drive sprocket that has a brushed metal finish.

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Makes for a subtle contrast that looks especially good when you see the motorcycle in motion.

Look closer, and you’ll notice the Revolution logo and lettering on the headlamp unit itself which has a beautiful and sporty layout & houses the LED headlamps.

The LED line goes on to the back as well with sharp-looking LED tail lights which placed under the well-sized grip rail that pillion riders will surely appreciate.

Speaking of which, the seat height of the RV 400 is a bit on the higher side at 814mm, but you also get proper ground clearance. An upside-down 37mm front fork handles suspension duties, and there is a mono-shock at the back which can be adjusted for preload. To give you a view for the size of the RV-400, keep in brain that it’s about the size of a regular-125cc motorcycle.

Now that’s the usual bits. Let’s come to what’s many thanks to it being all-electric. The 1st thing that you see the moment you turn the vehicle on with the push-start button (thanks to keyless ignition) is the device cluster. Here, rather of a fuel gauge, you are shown the battery part, and instead of a tachometer, you established the ‘Ampere’. How cool is that?

There’s more intelligent engineering too as the footpegs can be exchanged with each other to have a more relaxed riding position which is a downright genius. But now let’s talk about the travel bit. The only real way to know if the RV 400 is turned on and will move ahead if you twist the throttle – is by the small indicator on the dash saying ‘Ready’ because well, there is no sound. But of program, a unique feature of the RV is that it offers the choice of having a sound. Not one, but four which can be turned on or off with the press of a button.


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