Reliance Jio Fiber

 Reliance Jio Fiber started for users across India earlier this month. Reliance Jio Fiber issues with its high-speed broadband, free landline attachment, digital set-top-box and more.

Jio Fiber data plans begin Price at Rs 699 and go up to Rs 8,499. Jio Fiber users will get data rates from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps depending on their recharge plans. The fibre broadband help from Jio also comes with stories like gaming, OTT content streaming, different reality living and more. While the strategies and offers of Jio Fiber are quite clear by now, there are more articles about Jio Fiber which users may be ignorant of.

Separate Wi-Fi ID for guests

JioFiber users can opt to share the Wi-Fi network with guests on a different ID itself. Guests can log in to this ID and use Jio Fiber Wi-Fi. This stops others from entering or knowing the Wi-Fi password to your Jio Fiber network.

JioWi-Fi Mesh service

‘Jio Wi-Fi Mesh’ service lets many users stream high-quality content on several devices at the same time. Users can see movies on 4K. Some can play games on their phones or view HD content on other devices at the same time. Jio has already secured constant high-speed internet for cases like these.

Landline or phone as an intercom

Jio Fiber Users can connect their landline or smartphone to their society’s response. Through this, the landline or phone can be used as an intercom in the community for any so calls.

Hard drive cloud backup

Jio Fiber users can join their hard drive to the Jio Home Gateway or the set-top-box and way files from the JioHome app. Here, users order be able to access their photos and videos from the hard drive on their phone or tablet through the JioHome app. It acts as a cloud backup of files stored in the hard drive.

Mobile as a gaming controller

Jio Fiber has now confirmed its digital set-top-box is compatible with all gaming controllers. It also said Jio Fiber users would be able to play traditional console titles like FIFA 2019. Another point of Jio Fiber gaming is that users can connect their smartphone and use it as a gaming controller.


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