Rashmika Mandanna Trashed For ‘Anti-Kannada’ Comments

In a recent interview, Rashmika Mandanna confronted that she can’t speak Kannada fluently, while she is well-versed in other South Indian languages comparatively. Rashmika is now happening trashed for making ‘anti-Kannada’ comments. So much so that a few have started Boycott Dear Comrade movement on social media.

What She Said While, media reports are making the actress look like a threat to Kannada, there’s another side to this controversy. When she signed the film, she wasn’t aware of the fact that it would be dubbed in Tamil and Kannada too. Therefore, when the interviewer asked her if it was easy to dub in Kannada as she belongs to Karnataka, Rashmika said no.

She Provided A Explanation with The actress speaking in Tamil, provided more clarification on her earlier explanation saying, “Adu kastam….yenaku aa language correct agi varaadungaa”, which loosely translates to, “It is also difficult…I cannot speak any language correctly.” Her statement was interpreted in various ways, and fans were quick to react. Her film Dear Comrade with Vijay Devarakonda, is scheduled to release on July 26. The pro-dubbing committee in Karnataka has defended the actress and is still supporting its release in multiple languages in Karnataka.


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