Ranveer Singh Turns As Simmba

Opening his cop movie franchise, Rohit Shetty’s future movie Sooryavanshi has been creating quite a buzz recently. Ranveer Singh Turns As Simmba, Ranveer Singh, who will be discussed in a cameo, received a picture hinting at his prep up for the movie.

The image shows Ranveer Singh in the gym, all polished up as he flexes his flesh for a photo. His inscription reads ‘Aaya Police’ which is a book to his movie Simmba.

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And now, he will be seen doing a select show in Akshay Kumar starrer Sooryavanshi with Ajav Devgn who caused the whole franchise with his movie Singham.

Be it taking back the pair of Akshay and Katrina after a decade or one of the most anticipated crossovers of Bollywood,

Sooryavanshi has been ready to hold to its fans’ interest for a long time now.

Ranveer Singh Turns As Simmba, While Sooryavanshi was in its beginning stages and no news about the movie had made, 

Director Rohit Shetty asks if he was partial towards either of the cases Singham or Simmba. He had told in an interview, “That’s why I’ve made both of them together (smiles). That’s the plan quickly. People have chosen Simmba as a number and as a film, too. This is the start of the new universe that we’ve created. The movie begins with Singham. He is the storyteller, and in the end, he repeatedly makes an image. So, we’re working to create that world, where Singham and Simmba are together.”

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And that’s how Sooryavanshi was gone. First, the movie’s leading lady Katrina Kaif had even started her co-actor through her social media as Veer Sooryvanshi, the name of Akshay’s role in the film.

The movie is slated to release date March 27, 2020.


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