With only Now for the release Ranganayaki Vol 1: Trailer 2 Virginity, Dayal Padmanabhan is set to release trailer 2.

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While the first gave viewers a look into what to expect, considering that the film explores the aftermath of a gruesome episode of sexual violenceAditi Prabhudeva plays a rape victim in the movie, who does not see the conflict as something she ought to end her life for while hoping for truth and a way to move on. The new trailer will hint at more hidden elements from the film. “It will make you want to cry. It may even reform a few,” tells Dayal.

Watch the Official Trailer from Kannada movie ‘Ranganayaki’ starring Aditi Prabhudeva and Trivikram, Srini. ‘Ranganayaki’ film is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and produced by S.V.Narayan. To know more about Ranganayaki Vol 1 Virginity Trailer 2, watch the video. Check out the latest Kannada trailers, new movie trailers, trending Kannada movie trailers, and more


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