Story: Sanjay sets out to search out the vintage bike Rajdooth as asked by his future begetter to marry Priya, the love-of-his-life.

Review: Sanjay (Meghamsh) has no goal for his life, and his sole aim is to induce hitched to Priya (Nakshatra), a doctor and therefore, the female offspring of his father’s friend. Sanjay takes up the task of sick the vintage Rajdoot, as asked by Priya’s father (Anish Kuruvilla). He runs into entirely different folks, their issues and eventually finds the bike within the centre of the many conflicts that he ultimately has got to solve to bring it back.

Though the film projected itself as a unique adventure story which will keep everybody at the sting of their seats, it fails miserably in even creating it the smallest amount bit participating, right until the top. With a weak plotline and book, the motion-picture show is Associate in Nursing improbably wearisome journey to require. Attempting to suit in an exceeding story to the business model, the film fails thanks to Meghamsh’s weak acting skills, the boring background score and ready-made scenes from the camera operator. While not attempting to take place in an exceedingly different manner, the film tries its best to make up humour. Even worse, it’s peppered with free songs and scenes.

Nellore Sudarshan, United Nations agency, plays the role of Sanjay’s friend is that the sole saviour during this film, at regular intervals. Together with his unconventional dialogues and satiric one-liners, Sudarshan is that the just one United Nations agency entertains within the whole motion-picture show. Although Nakshatra plays the female lead within the motion-picture show, she hardly finds the screen time to prove her acting skills. With several improperly engineered characters that enter and leave the story, the director himself looks confused and fails to beat.

Written and directed by Arjun Gunnala and Karthik, Rajdooth is Associate in a Nursing superannuated and dreadful ride.


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