PUBG Mobile Lite in India:

PUBG Mobile Lite, a more moderate and toned-down version of the highly popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile has lastly launched for Indian fans. Starting now, you can download the game from the Google Play store and enjoy the game on low-end Mobiles. Just like PUBG Lite for PC, which was launched as a beta in India, PUBG Mobile Lite has been optimized to support reasonable smartphones having lower hardware to offer an inflexible gameplay experience to all its fans said PUBG Corp. in a press statement.

PUBG Mobile Lite has been developed using the Unreal Engine 4 and has an installation pack of just 400MB. It was designed for devices having less than 2GB of RAM. The company claims that the Lite version is set to run comfortably for all players and to consider the fact that more than half of the smartphone users in India have an entry-level smartphone, the specs required to run the Lite version have been designed to provide exactly that. The gameplay is going to be somewhat similar, but there is a smaller map made for 60 players. So this means that you are going to face a faster-paced game that lasts 10 minutes along with the traditional PUBG style of action. New players will be eligible for rewards, in the form of new gears and vehicles.
Here are some of the critical features of PUBG Mobile Lite:

Enhanced Aim Assist: With the all-new auxiliary aim assist, to make aiming simpler and comes in extremely useful while playing in weak network environments. The intensity differs between the crawling and standing positions, simplifying the control while preserving the unique PUBG MOBILE experience.

Upgrade to Winner Pass: The Winner Pass replaces the Royale Pass and will have much faster achievement unlocks and span a month, with fantastic rewards on offer.

Bullet Trail Adjustment: PUBG MOBILE Lite will feature increased bullet speed and no bullet drop effect, for a more precise shot, which is specially made to account for weak network environments.

Weapon Recoil Suppression: The adherence mechanism also suppresses the weapon recoil to a certain amount, which facilitates game-control and makes for a better experience in weak networks. Different guns have different gun pressure effects, highlighting the diverse background of each weapon.

Extended Time to Kill: The update will also appropriately increase the ‘Time to Kill’ which would enhance players survivability during firefights and encouraging aggressive play.

Location Display: The map will expose a shooter within the mini-map’s range, providing simplified battle info extraction and increased battle speed.

Heal yourself while moving: Players will now be able to heal themselves in all stance except for when they are prone. This is particularly useful in high latency conditions where movement actions might inhibit the healing mechanic in the game. This will help speed up the game pace and increase survivability.

Building Areas/ Supplies optimization: Complementing the smaller maps, building density and loot frequency has been increased to expedite the looting process and enhance the battle progression.

Map Quality Optimization: The game will also feature optimized map quality and the parachute loading screen.

RPG and New Firearm integration: With the LITE version, players will now get to experience a new weapon in select game modes only, allowing a chance to form new attack and defence tactics


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