Prabhas Marrying Anyone Other Than Anushka Shetty

Prabhas is arguably one greatest action heroes in Tollywood today. Over the years, he has also taken plenty of care due to his reported affair with Anushka. Even though the actor has made it abundantly clear that he thinks ‘Devasena’ to be just a friend, lies refuse to die down. Now, her is an unexpected update about the Billa duo. According to Greatandhra, Prabhas in certainly in love with Anushka but will not be marrying her due to social differences.

The Inside Deets

The report further states that Prabhas previously explained his position to Anushka while emphasising that she will ever be a close friend, Commenting on this unhappy situation, a friend said that marrying anyone but the ‘Lady Superstar’ would be a wrong move on Prabhas’ part.

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The Exact Words

“It (Prabhas wedding anyone other than Anushka) would stop 3-lives. So Prabhas has 2-choices. To either convince his family for the alliance. Or rebel upon their wishes and marry the woman he loves.”


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