Prabhas had not heard Rajamouli mention

Prabhas had not heard Rajamouli mention: The latest release of the big-budget action film, Sahoo, starring Sujith and Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, has received mixed reviews. Prabhas had not heard Rajamouli mention The money put in came, but it did not impress the audience at great — Rajamouli who saw the special screening before the release of Saaho movie. Prabhas and Sujeet made some suggestions. Sahoo said that the length of the film is about 150 minutes and this will become a minus point for the film.

Also, it would be nice to delete some scenes in the movie. But Prabhas did not follow his suggestion that the film needed it. After all, a big-budget action movie straight after a hit movie like Baahubali is not pleasing to the audience, but it is also suitable for a romantic film. But Prabhas insisted on pulling the sahoo. Rajamouli tweeted immediately if he liked any movie; he did not tweet about his brother Prabhas’s movie. It is reported that Rajamouli was angry that Prabhas did not listen to him and therefore did not tweet about the film.


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