Pakistan Minister Becomes Electric Shock

Pakistan Minister Becomes Electric Shock In a bizarre event, Pakistan’s Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed got an electric shock while addressing a meeting on Friday.

In a video which has spread virally on social media, Rashid while addressing the group says.

 “Hum tumhari Modi niyaton see waqif hain (we are informed of your plans, Narendra Modi)”.

The 2nd he transfers the criticism against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he gets an electric shock.

“Current lag Gaya. Khair koi Baat Nahi. Mera khayal hai, current aa Gaya. Modi is jalse ko nakam nahi kr sakta”

(I think it was current. Never mind. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot defeat this meeting), the Pakistani minister continued.

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Pakistan Minister Becomes Electric Shock

On August 28, he had prophesied that a full-blown war among India and Pakistan forces likely happen in the period of “October or the next month.”

While marking media in Rawalpindi, Rashid had declared that ‘final time for Kashmir’s struggle’ has come. “This is continuing to be the last war among both countries,” he was cited as telling by Pakistan Today.

The remark by Pakistan Minister arrived 2-days after Prime Minister Imran Khan warned India of a nuclear war.

Khan in a televised address said that his nation would go to any extent for Kashmir. 

It asserted that Islamabad wouldn’t be scared of using its nuclear powers for Kashmir.

Pakistan has been disrupted by the Indian government’s move to strip the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 and has found itself separate despite desperate efforts aimed at increasing the issue.


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