Onion rates to reduce

Onion rates to reduce, which are managing as high as ₹ 70-80 per kg in some parts of the nation,

will quiet down in the following few days with the number being advertised through businesses like Nafed, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told on Tuesday.

Onion prices have steadily improved in the last one month due to supply disruption from flood-hit onion-growing states like Maharashtra. Last week’s rain has further changed the supply, due to which onion prices have surged up to ₹ 70-80 per kg in the national capital and other members of the country, as per business sources.

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As per the data reported by the customer relationships ministry, local onion prices rose to ₹ 57/kg in Delhi, ₹ 56/kg in Mumbai, ₹ 48/kg in Kolkata and ₹ 34/kg in Chennai last week. The figures were valued at ₹ 60/kg in Gurgoan and Jammu during the same period.

“Onion site will improve in the next few days. Cooperative Nafed is issuing stock from the primary buffer at a lower price. We have a full stock of onions,” Mr Tomar told reporters after the launch of two mobile apps for farmers.

The government is aware of the onion site and taking steps to consider in the case of both farmers and consumers, he said.

“At times, consumers have to pay a high amount for farm items; and at times, farmers get less price for their produce. Our role is to balance this. We are conscious of it and are using several measures,” Mr Tomar added.

Right now, collected onions are sold in most members of the country, as new Kharif (summer) crop will beat the market from Nov onwards, dealers said.

Traders more stated that there is sufficient supply of stored onion of the past year’s crop in the country, but its passage has remained concerned because of heavy rains.

The Centre has adopted several times to get the prices of onion in Delhi and other parts of the nation.

It is offloading onion from its defence funds for actions like Nafed and National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India (NCCF)

which is selling at around ₹ 22/kg and State-run Mother Dairy at ₹ 23.90 per kg in the national capital?

The State authorities have been required to increase supply in their States raising necessary buffer property. Some states like Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tripura and have shown interest so far.

The Centre has a buffer-stock of 56,000 tonnes of onion, of which 16,000 tonnes has offloaded so far. In Delhi, 200 tonnes a day is unloading.

Onion rates to reduce, Besides, the Centre has controlled the export of onion by increasing the min export price and removing incentives. It is also breaking down on black marketers.

Besides rains, prices are under pressure on likely fall in Kharif production of this year owing to the less planted area under onion on account of excess rains, the sources added.



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