No banks are not on an extensive 7days holiday

Will banks in India be connected from September 26 to October 2? No banks are not on an extensive 7days holiday Some social media users are claiming so with the belief that because of the long holiday, ATMs will work dry. They are urging people to remove money in advance.

FB user “Ayek Apan” claimed, “26th & 27th September – Bank strike stated. September 28 is 4th Saturday. 29th is Sunday. 30th half yearly closing. October 1 most workers will be on leave. 2nd Oct Gandhi Jayanthi holiday. So after September 25, the next working day will be October 3. 

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No banks are not on an extensive 7days holiday no bank work order be there. After September 27 several of the ATM’s will also be dry. So hold cash in advance because you cannot go for digital performance in the vegetable or fish market except in supermarket & Malls.”

The archived report of the post can be seen here.

India Today News Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has decided that the number of holidays placed in the post is not valid. While the bank strike has been charged off, it is not a holiday on Sep30.

AFWA explored the Internet for news on the bank strike. The strike had been asked by four employee unions of nationalised banks, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation , All India Bank-Officers ‘ Association, Indian National Bank Officers’ Congress and National Organisation of Bank Officers upon the Centre’s merger decision.

However, following support, the strike has done called off. News about this can be read in Newsage. Therefore, all banks will usually function on September 26 and 27.

September 28 is the 4th Saturday of the month and 29th being Sunday, banks will be closed on 2days. Sep30 and Oct1 are not holidays.

A spokes-person for India’s largest nationalised bank, State Bank of India, told, 

“SBI branches would function regularly this week and next week for clients with no interruption in regular banking services. ATM, digital transaction and online banking Services are available 24X7.”

Also, the Reserve Bank of India appears not list Sep30 and Oct1 as holidays. Even when half-yearly closing of accounts records place, banking transactions do take place, and banks usually function. Only Oct2, which is a national holiday due to Gandhi Jayanti, is registered as a holiday.

Therefore, it is clear that banks over the country are not on an extended holiday of seven days from Sep26 to Oct2 

and social media posts-claiming that ATMs will be running out of cash in this period is not valid.



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