NASA Reveals Mystery

NASA Reveals Mystery: A few days ago, the JunoCam-onboard NASA’s Juno satellite got success in capturing some of the stunning images of Jupiter. In the series of pictures taken by NASA’s Juno satellite, a large black spot was observed atop the gas giant’s churning clouds.

While this force has watched scary originally, scientists now have a logical explanation to explain the black spot. It’s darkness formed by Jupiter’s very volcanic moon, Io.

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This shadow was more of an annular shadow because Io’s shadow is not even close to reaching Jupiter’s whole surface. However, the image is enormous, given the evidence that Io is only insignificantly more massive than Earth’s Moon.

NASA Reveals Mystery, The pictures were taken by Juno on September 12, while playing in its 22nd perijove, or close encounter, with Jupiter.

The NASA spacecraft, which succeeded at the Jovian system on July 2017, is in a very short polar orbit.

that brings it near to the gas giant’s shadow tops and then out over into more extensive space.

This image was prepared by Kevin Gill, a NASA software engineer who has also produced other stunning pictures of Jupiter.

As explained, Juno was around 8,000 kilometres from the outside of the planet when it took these pictures. In other news, Juno is currently registered to perform about a dozen more perijove before the mission ends in July 2021.


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