Shweta Pandit slams Hema Sardesai

Shweta Pandit slams Hema Sardesai: Singer Shweta Pandit has newly slammed Hema Sardesai for defending #MeToo accused Anu Malik and challenging the honour of the women who have come up with cases of sexual harassment upon the music composer.

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Shweta tweeted, “This is beyond disgusting. Does this report mean that “a child abuse victim” and a “rape victim” are both involved in getting themselves abused? Seriously? What are you thinking? Upset with this statement.. that too from a woman!!! Highly insensitive and ignorant.”

Shweta Pandit slams Hema Sardesai: Earlier, Hema Sardesai had announced that she was one of the few people who had raised her voice against abuse in her era and questioned others as to why they had to stay quiet. Hema in a statement stated, “So many years ago when my fight carried on in the application I was the ONLY singer who had explicitly stated publicly that I have refused to settle my values for songs. Why were all others quiet then? And why have they been mute for so many years? By sheer grace notwithstanding my strong principles, I blessed with several blockbuster hit songs, including these directed by Anu Malik. If one of the decent most Musicians like me could have sung some of Anu Malik’s most famous songs, it proves there is a great Artiste in him who considered a true gift and who politely gave me songs on merit alone.”

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“I ask some of the musicians who are speaking against him… why were you quiet for so many years? Are you’ll try to say all the other Music directors who you’ll work with were Gods? Like seriously? Also, if for advertising sake, you are casting stones at him, it’s not acceptable. I ask those known musicians who got most of his big songs. Why are you’ll quiet today when you should be standing by him? I mean it takes 2-hands to clap rite? When one of the largest RAREST DECENT MOST Singer of the business says something on this, the people concerned should sit up and take heed pls,” the statement further read.

Meanwhile, Shweta Pandit was a minor when Malik allegedly made sexual advances towards her.


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