Marathi actress Pooja Zunjar expires

Marathi actress Pooja Zunjar expires: A 25-year-old actress from the Marathi film production and her newborn baby died Few hours in Maharashtra’s Hingoli district on Sunday Morning.

Apparently, due to un_availability of the ambulance, a police official told on Monday.

Marathi actress Pooja Zunjar expires Relatives of the late actress, Pooja Zunjar, declared she would have been alive had they ran to take an ambulance in time.

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The incident, which transpired on the eve of Oct 21 assembly polls on Sunday,
paints a grim view of the state of the health infrastructure in rural Maharashtra,

notwithstanding allegations of political parties to give healthcare to people.

The unexpected incident occurred around 6.30 am on Oct 20 in Hingoli district, about 590 km from Mumbai, in the Marathwada area.

The police official told Pooja was raced to a primary health centre in Goregaon, her native place in the district, 2 am on Sunday after she moved into labour.

Pooja gave birth, but the newborn fell within a few minutes even as her health deteriorated, the official told.

“The doctors at the primary-health centre then suggested Pooja’s family members move her to the Hingoli civil-hospital, which is around 40 km from Goregaon,” he replied.

However, her panicked family members tried to get an ambulance.

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“They somehow contrived to get a private ambulance to rush Pooja to the civil hospital in Hingoli, but she fell during the journey,” the official said.

Police have filed a medico-legal case and are reporting statements of Pooja’s relatives, he continued.

Pooja had played a lead in 2-Marathi movies. She had got a break from work due to pregnancy.


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