A man paddles his way from California to Hawaii, crosses over 4000 km

Antonio de la Rosa doesn’t get it easy on his holidays. The Spaniard spent his season driving A man paddles way from California over the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. It became de la Rosa, who is from Valladolid, Spain, 76 days to drive 2,500 miles (4,023 kilometres) while reaching on a submarine-shaped craft he defined as a paddle-boat. The 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long) boat encountered rough weather, including when Hurricane Flossie moved within 60 miles (200 kilometres).

He ate dehydrated food, utilising boiled water, and seldom fish. A man paddles drove eight-to-ten hours daily and relaxed every midnight. But he was always sleepy because he woke up regularly to reduce on his property. It’s the kind of experience he loves. “I like it because it’s difficult,” he said in Spanish on Monday from Honolulu.

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His experience vacations have involved circumnavigating the 2,175 miles (3,500 kilometres) of the Iberian Peninsula coastline by paddle-surfing for 141-days and meeting Alaska’s Iditarod route for 8days on a bicycle with oversized tires produced for snow & ice, according to his website.

He Partied his 50th birthday at sea, his sister Vanesa de la Rosa told from Spain. The siblings run an event tourism business in Madrid and a small hotel for players. He said he was frustrated to see fishing gear refuse every day of his voyage, including screens and line.

He used a tracking – device to record every minute of his journey.

He declared it a record because he thinks no one has ever accomplished what he achieved. It’s a record because “I swear it,” he said with a laugh.


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